I am based in Turin, Italy, I just moved back here, where I grew up, after living 15 years in the U.S.A.  Photography is a passion I developed quite early in my life.

I blame my uncle Gino, he was a subscriber to American Photo and every time I visited him, I spent a lot of time browsing these magazines. I was fascinated by those beautiful images captured by international photographers, and decided to study photography on the side. A trip with my wife to Singapore in 2002 had, amongst the others, the goal to purchase my first serious digital camera, a 5 megapixels Nikon. Five megapixels sure seemed a lot in 2002.    It was like pouring gasoline on a fire, my passion for photography revamped, and it got back to me as strong as it had never been before. In 2006 I finally bought my first digital-SLR.My photography was mostly Landscape, Cityscape and Nature oriented.    The more confidence I was getting with the tools, the more my artistic vision started to come out, creativity versus technique.    

Back in 2009 I realized that I wanted to explore the art of storytelling, and that to do so I would need to improve my skills at photographing people. The result of this process has changed my focus. While I still love all the different types of photography, I find myself attracted to fashion editorial and advertorial photography. I see these as my channels of preference for the storytelling thru my camera, as these branches of photography leave a lot of latitude to the photographer to express his creativity and portray his vision.

My Style  I love rich saturated colors, sharp details, I like smooth shadows when photographing people, and if you give me a blue sky, puffy clouds and a circular polarizer you really make my day! I love working with natural light, as well as creating and shaping the light with flashlights and modifiers.

My Affiliations I am an active member of different Atlanta based photography associations, as the Atlanta Photographers Guild (APG) and the Alpharetta Creative Photography Co-op (ACPC).

My Clients and Credits I have provided professional photo and video services for the fashion industry (e.g. Shade' Brielle - New York ), portrait photo shooting on location for private customers, weddings, CD covers, product photo shootings for firms in the Atlanta area (e.g. Oil-La-La Essential Oils ), social events, and my photographs have been selected by website developers for their web graphics. I hope you enjoy browsing thru my photo art web galleries.

Thank you for your time,

Luigi Ginosa.

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